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Made from soybeans, versatile tofu is rich in protein. It also has no cholesterol and is easily digestible. Tofu varieties include regular, silken, firm and soft. Tofu is stored in water and should be thoroughly drained just before cooking. Changing the water daily will keep it fresh longer. In addition to Hiyayako (Chilled Tofu), tofu appears in soups and nabe, simmered, and deep-fried dishes.

Trefoil (Mitsuba)
This delicate herb is high in carotene and vitamin C. In order to preserve its fragrance, it should never be more than briefly parboiled. Commonly used in salads, Chawanmushi, and clear soups to add aroma, trefoil also is used as a garnish for nabe dishes.

This unique Japanese spice grows naturally alongside clear mountain streams, today it is mainly cultivated in wasabi farms. The wasabi root is peeled, then grated and used as a condiment for sushi, sashimi, and Chilled Soba Noodles.

White Turnip (Kabu)
This vegetable contains protein and calcium. Select turnips that have a smooth surface. They are often pickled and are a common ingredient in soups and simmered dishes.

Yam Cake (Konnyaku)
This product consists of more than 90% water. Made from konnyaku yams, it helps cleanse the digestive system. Yam cake is valued more for its texture than flavor and is used in various dishes. It comes in white and blackish color as well as several different shapes.

Yam Noodles (Shirataki)
These are made from yam cakes that have a tougher, gelatinous consistency and have little nutritional value. If using canned yam noodles, drain well and parboil before cooking.

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