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Seven Spice Chili Pepper (Shichimi Togarashi)
The exact spices used in this hot seasoning vary slightly by maker but usually include a combination of the following: powdered red chili pepper, black pepper, sesame seeds, dried mandarin orange peek green nori seaweed flakes, prickly ash pods, hemp seeds, and poppy seeds. It is sprinkled over noodle and nabe dishes and yakitori.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Select those with fleshy caps that have the edges slightly tucked under, not spread flat. Fresh shiitake are grilled, and also are used in soups, deep-fried, and nabe dishes.

Shimeji Mushrooms
Shimeji come in clumps that grow from a single stem, which should be short and thick. These are good source of lysine and vitamin B1. Cooking them releases a distinctive flavor and aroma, making them very suitable for soups, simmered and nabe dishes.

Short Grain White Rice
Short grain white rice is characterized by round, semitransparent grains, and is the main type of rice used in Japanese cooking. However, there are other varieties of rice sold that will also produce good results, such as Nishiki, the medium grain rice. Other than being eaten plain, rice is mixed with vegetables, chicken, and beans, and is used in sushi and donburi dishes.

Taro (Satoimo)
This mild-tasting tuber is a good source of protein. Whole taros with the skin intact are preferable to those that come peeled. Used in soups and simmered and steamed dishes.

Thin Deep Fried Tofu (Abura Age)
Always douse with boiling water before using to remove excess oil from the surface. Used as an ingredient in soups, simmered dishes, inarizushi, and Takikomi Gohan. Seasoned, thin deep-fried tofu is available canned and packaged especially for inarizushi.

Tiny Dried Shrimp (Sakura Ebi)
These miniature shrimp have been dried in their shells. They are used in okonomiyaki and deep-fried dishes.

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