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Lotus Root (Renkon)
This starchy root of the lotus pant is rich in vitamin C and iron. Select plump, unblemished roots that are pinched off in sections somewhat like sausage links. After cutting, it should be soaked in vinegared water to prevent discoloration. Lotus root is used in marinated salads and simmered and deep-fried dishes.

The main ingredient in miso is soybeans. It is full of high-grade protein. There are many types of miso, but they are generally divided into two categories, "red" and "white," based on color. Red miso generally is dark brown with a distinct aroma and flavor, whereas white miso tends to be lighter and sweeter.

Pickled Red Ginger
This popular garnish is made from ginger root that has been pickled in salt and then again in a vinegared mixture.

Potato Starch (Katakuriko)
This starch is made from potatoes. It usually is dissolved in water and added to soups and sauces as a thickener or dusted over meat and fish before deep-frying.

Rice Vinegar (Komezu)
This vinegar is milder and has a gentler flavor than fruit and wine vinegars. Traditionally-brewed rice vinegars are fermented for several months. Rice vinegar, like other vinegars helps foods keep longer, prevents vegetables from discoloring, and removed bitterness. Used in dressings, sushi rice, and pickles.

Roasted Nori Seaweed
These are sheets of dried seaweed that have been roasted under a heat lamp. It is a source of high-grade protein, calcium, carotene, and iron. Select nori that is shiny, dark, and crisp. Nori is used to wrap up rice, as in sushi and rice balls (onigiri).

Sake, a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rice, also is frequently used as a seasoning, just as wine is. Besides adding its own flavor, sake help other flavors to be absorbed, counteracts strong odors, and tenderizes meat.

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