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Gingko Nuts (Ginnan)
These are the seeds of the ginkgo tree. The white shells and thin outer skins are removed before cooking. Canned nuts are shelled, skinned and parboiled. Relatively high in vitamin C and carotene, ginkgo nuts appear in nabe, stir-fried, and deep-fried dishes.

Green Nori Seaweed Flakes (Aonori)
Made from a different variety of nori than the type used for sushi, this product has a blue-green tint and a distinctive fragrance. It is sprinkled on okonomiyaki.

Green Perilla (Aojiso)
A typical herb in Japanese cuisine, perilla has a distinct flavor, and is rich in carotene, vitamin C, and iron. Select leaves that are fragrant and have a fresh green color. Perilla is used chopped as a seasoning in Chilled Tofu, as a garnish with salads and sashimi, and in deep-fried dishes.

Grilled Tofu (Yaki Dofu)
This firm tofu that has been grilled on both sides.

Japanese Hot Mustard
This pungent mustard is made from the seeds of the black rape plant. Used in dressings, it also is served with noodle and nabe dishes.

Kelp (Konbu)
Kelp has the delicious deep taste. The white powder on the surface of kelp contains a flavor component, so if shouldn't be wiped off. Kelp is rich in potassium, calcium, iodine and carotene. It also contains amino acids that help lower blood pressure. Chose blackish kelp that is lustrous and well-dried. This seaweed is used to make dashi and also appear in nabe dishes and wrapped around fish, which are then simmered.

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