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JFC History


1906 Dupont Company is established as importers of Japanese foods.
1911 Dupont Company becomes Pacific Trading Company.
1916 Pacific Trading Company establishes branch office in Tokyo.
1928 Pacific Trading Company, Tokyo, becomes an independent company.
1942 Modern Food is established.
1947 Pacific Mutual Sales is established.
1958 Pacific Mutual Sales merges with Modern Food to become Japan Food Corporation.
1969 Pacific Trading Co. Ltd. is dissolved, Japan Food Corporation joins the Kikkoman group.
1972 Tokyo Food Processing Corp. is established.
1977 Hapi Products, Inc. is established.
1978 Japan Food Corporation becomes JFC International Inc.
1988 Relocation of JFC headquarters and San Francisco Branch to new site in South San Francisco.
1989 JFC obtains part of Japan Food (Hawaii), Inc.
1997 JFC de Mexico is established in Mexico City, Mexico.
2001 Japan Food Canada, Inc. is established in Ontario, Canada.